How I Feel About You Redux

How I Feel About You Redux

You wrap around
Snake in flesh
Bite delivers pain
Pale is she
Scales of winter
Burn like crimson flame
Her words like death
Disguised as life
It hurts to say her name
To those that ask
Surrogate wife
I choke her in my dreams

We fall we fall we dance through the air
On wings of angels slain
We talk of things from one to the next
But we never can hear a thing
We die resurrect just to hang by our necks
Just a test my choir would sing
I sing I sing of the moment of death
When we mated our flesh to our graves

It is said that
The ways of
This woman is wild
A past that lies
Longer than
Many a mile
She says not
What you heard
With a smile
So dread her
Coming flee if
You’re found

To believe or not to believe or not
Remember that she wears the crown
She deceives but can hardly see
So watch who you be when she is around
Her name is a sound offensive to clouds
They cry and cover the sky in a shroud
They know that she is the bringer of dark
The slayer of all things profound

This poem is a sort of alternate/opposite remix to How I Feel About You

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