On Thought and Nothingness

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On Nothingness: It is What it Is

Life is full of contradiction and inconsistency. But life is just life; it’s the human mind and the collective conscious that adds so much complexity to something that is so simple. Consider this: We live and we die. That’s it. Everything else in between is just so much nothing when compared to these greater truths.

As they are wont to say in some places, “it is what it is.” It cannot be more, it cannot be less, it just is. When considered that way, the basic foundations of all things in existence can be understood, to an extent.

Without, there is nothing; within, there is nothing. Forming around and through this nothingness, there is matter. The space between subatomic particles is a nothingness that we cannot fathom. The space that we call our universe is predominantly made up of nothingness. Yet here we are. Out of nothing we get…something. And it is what it is. How could it be otherwise?

When man learns to harness that nothingness, to find the something that makes it up, we will have truly entered into a new age of wonder, or an age of destruction. Either way, we will uncover secrets and truths, the very stuff that we have always searched for. The key to the meanings of existence in this physical plane, possibly the means to transcend it.

On Thought: We Think…Therefore

As I became older, I began to suspect, all on my own, that much of what everything is, is thought. Visuals, sounds, the things we create, the things we do not, how we see ourselves, how we perceive others and the things around us. This is all thought.

I explored this a lot in my old, earlier poetry, and you can still hear this philosophy in a lot of my work even now…if you listen for it. I think that thought creates everything around us, and collective thought binds that general perception into one semi-solid perception that most of us just agree to agree on.

I’ve always thought that if I tried hard enough and stayed watchful for the moment, I could see beyond that artificial veil and truly see what lay behind it. And sometimes, rarely and just for an instant, I think that I do, or that I get close…but who can say for sure.

People think too much. It is our thoughts that corrupt what is really there. When people begin to stop thinking so much and start attempting to draw in what is real without thinking at it so hard, they may start to understand the things that are really around them.

That is to say, if it is what it is, then by thinking it to be other than what it truly is, you are warping it and turning it into something that it is not. Get it?

I believe that if people stop thinking so hard and start being, they will eventually become who they truly are and not the sum-total of all of those thoughts and thinking that they’ve clogged themselves with since infancy. They will be free of all that thought-up self-doubt, all those thought-up prejudices, all those thought-up thoughts that color everything they do.

This is not an attack on thinking as most people…think of it. The problem with most thought is that it is highly impure and flawed. We are taught how to not think right from birth. I believe that in order for us to start thinking clearly, we must let go of our current ways of thinking. We must start to use our senses and our logic to see what is there and what is not. Once that happens, it will be like a purification process to our thought mechanism. We can start to discard all the bullshit, and keep only that which is true.

Thought and nothingness.

Do you feel what I’m saying?

Or am I just high?

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