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Note: This is an unfinished list of movies I think should be seen, at least once. It’s from 2008 and I’ll probably never finish it. There are just too many to list, and I’m much, much too lazy. But, I leave it here for completeness sake. Enjoy

You need to see these movies! If you haven’t seen at least 50% of the movies on this list then you are an uncultured savage!

Some of these movies are just guilty pleasures of mine (e.g., Bill and Ted), and some are movies that move my mind in ways I can’t quite describe (e.g., Children of Men).

All these movies deserve to be seen at least once…just because. I mean, there are so many movies now that one person cannot see them all in a lifetime. So, here is a list you can use to find something entertaining on a whim.

Here is the list in no particular order:

Movies You Need to See At Least Once

I started, but didn’t finish, putting these into categories. The rest of the list will start after the categories

Fantasy Movies

Anime and Animation Movies | Computer Animation

Science Fiction Movies | Science Fantasy Movies | Science Fiction Comedy

Horror | Horror Comedy

Comedy | Stand Up Comedy

Unsorted List


Some Obvious Things Are Missing

This list is incredibly subjective and tuned to my personal tastes. Some things the majority considers as classic or must-see, I might not care for or think you should check out. For example, some people may have noticed I didn’t include Scarface or any of the Star Wars.

Remember, this list isn’t done yet. And probably never will be. If you have some suggestions, let me know!

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