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A look at the Iron Man anime from the Marvel Anime series.

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The Iron Man anime wasn’t bad. For some reason, I expected it to be. I remember all the Marvel Anime series came to G4TV, and the network advertised them heavily. For some reason, I never really had the urge to tune in. Then, I figured why not. So, I started watching them all in order, starting with Iron Man.

About the Iron Man Anime

I won’t get into everything you need to know about Tony Stark and Iron Man. If you are watching this anime, there is a good chance you read the comics, watched the American animated series, or are a fan of the Avengers or Iron Man MCU movies. Well, you may also enjoy it if you don’t know anything about Iron Man but are a fan of anime in general. Specifically mecha-type and giant robot anime.

This story starts with Tony Stark going to Japan to introduce and supervise the construction of the new ARC reactor station. The station represents a form of clean, free and unlimited energy. However, from the moment he arrives, there is trouble. That trouble comes mainly in the form of a terrorist organization known as Zodiac.

That’s all you really need to know to before watching. I will say the story is surprisingly complex, filled with political intrigue, shady characters and maybe even a word or two about the human condition. However, all the stuff you would expect from an action anime series is present. Each episode has Iron Man facing off against a giant mecha-like threat. After all, what else would you expect to find in Japan?

There is a lot to like about this anime. It’s clever, witty, well-rounded and even manages to tie everything up neatly in just 12-episodes.

The Dialogue

Keep in mind this is a real anime. The English dialogue is dubbed from its original Japanese. I watched the English dub, but the subbed version is available as well. Sometimes dubs can cross into being a little awkward, but the voice talent employed here is good. The dialogue is snappy and Tony Stark’s little witticisms come across well. None other than Adrian Pasdar voices Tony Stark/Iron Man. Yup, the dude that played Senator Nathan Petrelli in Heroes.

Iron Man Anime

The Writing

The writing moves the story along at a quick pace. Somehow, the writers managed to fit a big story into a series of mostly self-contained episodes. Each episode has a satisfying beginning, middle, and end. Yet, each episode serves to move the overall plot along. The good writing is due to the awesome and talented Warren Ellis guiding the overall story.

The Animation

With the Madhouse animation studio at the helm, you would expect top of the line animation. In this case, you would be right. The animation flows smoothly, even during the fast-paced action sequences. You can tell a lot of work went into getting this thing moving the right way.

The Verdict

Although well-made, I cannot say that everything about this series was great. I enjoy an intelligent story, and Iron Man certainly has one. However, none of the big reveals will be very surprising if you pay attention to what’s going on. Overall, I would say this series is worth a watch. The show appeals to several different groups at the same time, so it has the power to pull in crossover fans. You can probably get through all the episodes in a day or two and feel satisfied when it is over.

The show is a nice cross between many of my favorite things, which include the Iron Man movies, comic books, and anime. I didn’t find myself overwhelmed by it. For instance, I don’t think I will ever watch it again. But, that’s just me. You may thoroughly love it. There is a lot there to love. For me, this isn’t the best nor the worst, Just something entertaining to pass the time.

Iron Man is only the first of four in this Marvel Anime series. The next one is Wolverine.

The Iron Man anime is available everywhere you would expect to find it. Here are a few places if you’re interested:

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