Popular Gay Rap Songs Are On the Horizon

There’s always been a stigma attached to gay people in the hip-hop community. But the times, they are a-changin. With people becoming more and more relaxed with the idea of gay people in our midst (mind you, they’ve ALWAYS been there), we’re seeing more of them come out. Sports figures are talking about it, musicians are talking about it, celebrities have been talking about it.

But what about the rappers? There’s always been rumors of gay rappers. In fact, almost every rapper that’s achieved any kind of success, has been accused of homosexuality. But what about the future? Given the current path that American society is set on, it’s almost guaranteed that we will not only have openly gay rappers, but openly gay rappers that make openly gay songs. Just think of all those club bangers you love to hear…and then put a gay slant on them.

I posted this on the Facebook wall of my main page the other night:

In the future, I guarantee there’s going to be super gay rappers that drop club songs with super gay lyrics. You gonna be hearing shit like “I’m lookin for a firemannnnn — come slide down the pole – slide – slide down pole — cuz I’m felling like I’m just too hot” — and niggas is gonna be saying shit like “…I don’t fuck wit it…but that beat hot though.”

Now, I said that to be funny. But think about it. These songs WILL come eventually. I’m sure there’s already stuff like that out there, but it’s either tongue-in-cheek (so to speak:), or it’s so underground, only a select few know. I’m talking about billboard charting rap pop songs. When it comes on in the club…will you dance to it? Or act like the beat ain’t hot? 😛

I predict this will happen with the transgender community as well. If you know anything about the music industry, you’ll know that if one song becomes popular, the labels will try to force it down our throats for profit (pun intended).

Consider that the current crop of kids growing up will see a lot of this as normal. Other than the kids that are raised with stuff like this specifically pointed out to them as bad. I can’t wait to see it. Mostly because I want to see the backlash that comes from a very popular gay rap song. It’s going to be epic to begin with, and then it’s going to become the norm. As is the progress of all things.

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And this one’s just for fun 🙂

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