Amongst the Satyrs

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Amongst the Satyrs by SilencioBarnes

Just a freestyle really

This rap music track started as an impromptu text freestyle on Facebook last year – It came after a long time of me not writing anything new and I was a little surprised by it. The rhyme scheme and patterns were not typical of me, most notably repeated rhymes (something I always hated!). But I found that this style is what came out of me naturally…I suppose I’ve changed.

I like this track because of the way it’s worded. The style of it has carried over to everything I’ve written since. As usual, I can’t really speak for the mixing or the mastering…if you can make it sound better, PLEASE, do so!

This is also the song that launched the tiny bit of love that I now get on SoundCloud. It got a few people interested in my other songs. I forgot whose beat it is that I’m rhyming over. One of those industry dudes, I’m sure you probably know better than me. When I remember, I’ll update the post.

Lyrics for “Amongst the Satyrs”

When it comes to this I’m sick – throwing up bars
I’m the shit and the piss that you find behind bars – that’s nasty

Like old pornograph stars
I’m the chase D’s hate, ca-ca-calling all cars

I’m calling all gods, to bear witness as I spit it
Dismiss em with regards

Realign your recall, when you gifted by my vision
Redefine the rewards

Realign then reform
These songs turn Mensa members retard

I got hammers for thick domes, the lyrics so unerring
Split thighs with these poems

Competition caught the vapors
The wind blew unexpected now I’m chasing after paper

Harvester and maker
Iller than a cancer victim cursing his creator (Damn you God!)

This ain’t a caped crusader caper
Life don’t show me love so it’s on my list of haters
The light ain’t on my side so it’s on my list of traitors
My wings don’t get me high so I walk amongst the satyrs

— Give me the cake, you can keep the cream
I stand alone, I don’t need a team
I’m a standing stone nobody backing me
I’m a Superman without the Justice League

To set it off properly, I vandalize your property
I’m sending in the young gods, tell em it’s a shopping spree
— You forget I’m from the old guard, true indeed
Hanging in your front yard like a willow tree

I’m still the better the man how could you not agree
My lineage goes HAM check my pedigree
You got something on ya mind, I’m lobotomy
Slay kings, take land, checkmate, monopoly

I actually started to add more “you lay your verses sloppily…” but I figured 32 bars was long enough 🙂


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Amongst the Satyrs

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