Each design seemed of mirrors
Sliced thin to string
And woven thread-like
Into the fabric
Of her blood blue jeans

If I concentrated hard enough
I could truly
See myself in her pants

Silk blouse –
The color of
A six winged angel’s
Lust –
Hung loosely
About her left shoulder,
Line slanting
Tightening about her chest
Before disappearing
Underneath her right

She took a step
In those glass heels
And then another
Scraping scratching
Breaking again and again
Something inside of me

She walked like
The moon sings
Body shaped
Like a black hole’s

As if she knew, she smiled
I could imagine Lucifer smiled
Exactly like that
As he bowed before his lord

Knowing what was to come

A smile that
Preludes the coming war
For my soul

Wanting to conquer
And claim Heaven
Yet falling and
Falling into her
Finding Hell

Truly –
There is no
Place like home

She laughed
As if she
Read my thoughts
Sounding like
An alien rainbow

Rising water
Not of this world
Forming clouds these skies
Have never seen
Spectrum reflected
By unfamiliar sun

Neither beautiful nor ugly
Exotic. Enticing, at the same time,

Genuine too
As that smile is reflected
In those eyes
The color of a desert’s disdain
For moisture

Yet I drown

Hair the length
Of a hot summer night
The color fading
From a midnight’s chill
At the roots
To a dictator’s will
At the tips

She calls to me
With the voice of a thousand gods
Raping a thousand virgins

Born on her tongue
Saliva made of prophesy
Vocal chords driving destiny
Between lips the same color as forever
And just as lush

For better or for worse
No telling which
As my hand touches skin
The hue of a million desires

I die
In a truly Elizabethan sense

Oh the colors…

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