Being Human, Season One

Being Human is a supernatural television drama. It is an adaptation of the British show of the same name.

Being Human, Season One – Drama…of The Supernatural Variety

So, a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost walk into a Boston bar…nope, not a joke. Welcome to Being Human, a remake of the BBC’s supernatural drama of the same name. I never watched the British version of this show, nor was the US version on my radar. I just came across it while the Syfy channel was airing every episode of the first season back to back.


The Basic Premise of Being Human

Now, I will admit that when I started watching the very first episode, I did a little inner groan. Yet another supernatural drama. But I admit, I quickly got into it. The show wastes no time. The basic premise sets up fairly quickly. Aidan, a vampire, and Josh, a werewolf, are two friends trying to live as normal a life as they can. They both work at the local hospital and hit upon a plan that involves moving in together and living as normal human beings. Of course, the fact that they are supernatural creatures keeps them on the fringes of society. Aidan has to battle his blood lust while the dopey, doe-eyed Josh has to battle his inner wolf.

They move into a house and find that a ghost, Sally, inhabits it. Now the three of them have to learn to deal with each other as well as outside influences. By outside influences I mean other vampires, the occasional werewolf, the accidental killing (and subsequent turnings), and so on and so forth.

These outside influences create and drive the drama. Otherwise, the show would be something of a British “flatshare comedy.” To put this in perspective, Aidan, the vampire was once not so nice. The other vampires that he did his dirt with are still in town doing their own things, and he comes into conflict with them often. In addition, Aidan is friends with a werewolf, which is a no-no among the vampires. To them, werewolves are no more than animals like dogs. Josh on the other hand is a werewolf. His once a month change accompanied by the potential violence he can commit contrasts harshly with his very sweet nature. He has abandoned his former life including family, friends and fiancé to protect them from himself.

The chatty Sally however is a ghost stuck on this plane of existence as she tries to figure out why she is dead and what she needs to do to move on. When the stories of all three of these characters cross and interact, we get some very interesting television.

Being Human Works Surprisingly Well

Surprisingly, to me, I liked the show. There was enough going on in it to keep me watching from the first episode to the last. I grew invested in the characters as more revelations and insights became more apparent. Now, I don’t think the show was the greatest thing ever, but I did find it entertaining. I doubt it will win any awards or even grow a really large viewership. However, I do think it gives us just enough to keep us interested and will be around long enough to give us a few seasons.

Since I never watched the British original, I can’t really speak authoritatively on the differences. From what I read, the North American version follows the first season of the British show’s plot lines closely. However, the American writers are doing things slightly different, and after the first season, they plan to take the show in an altogether different direction than the original.

With that being said, it seems the British version is hugely popular (hence the American adaptation) and has been around since 2008. Some people prefer that version and its cast to the American version. And no, I have no intentions of watching the British version.


Should You Watch Being Human?

Final word, it is worth a watch. If you are a fan of supernatural dramas like True Blood or Vampire Diaries or any others, you may also like this show. If you are not a fan of supernatural shows, you can still tune in for the personal and relationship drama and be entertained. Is this show a must-watch? No. But if you have the time, you should check it out. It’s great for a casual viewing or two in-between your more regular programming choices.

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